Monday, April 19, 2010

Perception Shapes Reality

Or, perhaps more accurately, your perception is your reality. 
On a daily basis, I remind myself many, many times to be careful what I hold in my mind. I have learned that  'perception is reality'  many times, but good old monkey mind is constantly scheming to endlessly play old tapes. 

I have a tender spot for the above picture - torn from a very old copy of O magazine years ago. This particular image pulls at my heart for many, many reasons. 
One morning, as I was getting dressed for work, I decided to count how many negative thoughts ran through my mind as I gazed at my reflection in the mirror. 
I am ashamed to admit, that I did not have one - not one - positive thought about my image.
How many times are we told to "love" ourselves? Answer: Over and over.
Who will teach us how to love ourselves? Answer: We must teach ourselves.
If we cannot love ourselves, can we love another?  Answer: No.
Now, I think that whole darned concept is a little crazy...that is, the part about no practical teaching on how to love self. Is it the doing of the Pilgrims? (I like to blame lots of things on those Pilgrims)
So - let's start here: notice how many times you have a negative thought about yourself.
Easy, right?
Here's the hard part  - for every negative thought about your self, think of a positive.
Try to extend this "new way of thinking" toward people that you come in contact with daily.
This is a life's work. 
Trust me. 
Creative people are often plagued with a fluctuating and defeating sense of self esteem. This may be good for the creative process, but I wonder if the pursuit of excellence, usually coupled with acute sensitivity, may be responsible for the widespread depression, substance abuse and suicide that I have witnessed in the arts?
A strong show of ego (which is necessary for the creative act) typically hides the delicacy of a sensitive, artistic spirit.
Imagine if the creative person, already accustomed to an extraordinary imagination, utilized creativity in thoughts about self? Hmmm...there is a concept. Why is this class not a mandatory part of iart school curriculum?
Thoughts are powerful. 
Thoughts manifest into reality. 
As Tut's "Notes from The Universe" motto goes - "Thoughts Become Things... Choose the Right Ones". Check out for some wonderful, positive ways to learn how to adjust that creative, clever mind of yours.
Let us banish self hatred and embrace the love of self. 
What a better place the world will be on that day.
In Love, Truth and Beauty....

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