Sunday, February 24, 2013

To the Light, Luke!

In the face of increasing violence, greed, lies, murders, political division and just downright darkness, I felt moved to write this post. 
Have people changed, or have was darkness merely hiding throughout humanity's history? 
Why does the present time on planet earth feel so perilous? 
It seems that the "age of anxiety" has emerged with a second, more powerful and sinister coming.
 I have a few theories.
 A few things to know about my personal back ground....
1). I was raised in the Roman Catholic religion,
2). I was the quintessential 'good girl',
3). It has been alarming to me that currently darkness seems to envelope the light of life;
4). I am no stranger to loss and depression (who amongst us is not susceptible?), which tends to fell me like a mighty in a silent forest.
5). The current state of misery in the world is NOT what I was taught, promised or believed
Very recently, I felt a depressive episode coming on ... and, seemingly nothing could halt it, lift it, shoo it away from my spirit. 
I literally could not awaken from sleep, much like lying in a coffin - it was that bad. 
I had an important realization from this episode. 
An important lesson that I believe is worth sharing with you. 
Here goes: 
The more one succumbs to the darkness, the depression, the oppression, the more one is susceptible to the same. 
Like an invitation, when your energy is flat, low, non-existent, depressed ... you literally become a vessel for those lower, parasitic, dark energies. 
I do not know how it happened. 
I do not know why it happened. 
I do not know how I overcame this state. 
But I did. 
This sounds silly, but here is a secret.
 I forced myself to put on music that made me dance. 
When the physical body is 'stuck', you can and you must move!
Your mind will follow.
(and any Parliament Funkadelic fans KNOW this to be fact)
You can move your way forward "to the light", Luke Skywalker!
 Guess what? 
If you make a daily practice of this movement, you absolutely lift your vibration and energy to a place that chase the darkness away.
 Does it take work? Absolutely.
 Is it hard? Sometimes. 
Is it worth it? Well, you tell me. 
Are you willing to dwell and co-conspire with the forces of darkness that control you? 
Not me! 
No way! 
Step into your power and soar into the light and embrace the privilege called "life" that one should never take for granted. 
It is in these hard lessons that our karma is burned. 
Our enemies destroyed. 
Our soul is free to accomplish its true purpose. 
A life is a terrible thing to waste. 
Get moving!
 One step at a time ... lift yourself up so that you can shine like the sun on the day you were born! 
I have to believe that we can make a difference in this world. 
We start with ourselves.
Get that Jedi light sabre out and burn the darkness right out of your life.
Every being will lift up in light and gratitude!

Image courtesy of Chandra Eswaran

With Love, Light and Gratitude!

Saturday, February 2, 2013


In the old ways, February 2nd, is the high Sabbat of Candlemas.

 Candlemas falls exactly between the Winter Solstice and the Vernal Equinox. It accentuates the waxing light and reminds us that our souls, too, can we waxing with bright light.

Today, let us celebrate Candlemas by lighting white candles and/or visualizing bright, white light cleansing ourselves, our souls, spirits, abodes, the planet and all of its inhabitants.

 This world can appear very dark and dreary, especially mid-winter. Especially THIS winter .... divisory politics, anger, frustration, violence, depression, mass shootings. It seems that the negative list can be infinite.

Darkness can be replaced with light.

What to do?

Where to start?

Let the illumination start with each one of us.

Now. Today. This very moment.

Candlemas asks us to purify, cleanse and renew ourselves, for the darkest hours are just before the dawn.

Candlemas teaches us that we are also the light that shines in the world.

Make the personal choice to shine brightly! Not only will you attract positive energy, the world will be a better place because of your light!

 Blessed Be!