Friday, January 27, 2012

Life is like the weather ....

Most of the United States is experiencing wild temperature swings and irregular weather. It is not unusual for there to be days on end of freezing temps, snow and then rain, followed by unseasonably warm days. Where I live, 40 degree temperature swings are becoming customary during this winter season.

For several reasons, I am a sensitive sort, tending towards melancholy, which can be quite debilitating. 

There was a string of gray, overcast, pouring-down-rain days a little while ago and I was literally forcing myself to get out of the cocoon of my bed. Sleeping is my escape of choice when the world appears to be harsh. While not an optimum 'choice' of 'lifestyle', I can think of worse escapes.

Lightning Sequence
Eventually the weather changed to bright, sunny, mild days upon days. I spent many fortunate afternoons walking about in this beauty - the birds were singing (a little early for the Cardinals' mating songs, but they were singing their hearts out and it was splendid), a few trees were budding out, there was abundant greenery and blue skies galore.

 The thought occurred to me that the ups and downs of life are like the weather. Now, this is not the most profound thought, but for some reason it struck a deep and resounding chord inside my spirit.

When the glorious days of sun and beauty appear, I need to enjoy them to the fullest! No time like the present, as my beloved Dad used to remind me.

When life seems overwhelming or problems appear to close in, I should simply wait .... either circumstances or my attitude will change.

I still maintain that most of the time, things 'go right', but most humans only seem to notice when things 'go wrong'.

Here is to change and being grateful for the good times! I need to be grateful for the bad times as well. Strife tests my strength, teaches me courage and provides a dramatic contrast for the abundance of good in my life.

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