Sunday, March 2, 2014

Time Doing - Being

As a birthday of note fast approaches, I find myself pondering time. 
In a very absurd twist, I have no idea how I racked up so many miles!
As a person whose work value was measured in "billable hours" (a term that can strike fear in legal folks) I have the utmost respect for time. 
Loved ones ask me what I want for my *big* birthday, I can only answer 'time', or items and services that will help free up time. 
If I look back over my life, I see that I attempted to cram the nine lives of a cat into my one. 
During the present moment, I am amazed that God has granted me the grace of the time I have spent on earth. 
It is for good reason that time is referred to as being "spent" - rather like money. Money comes and goes and that account can accept deposits.
Alas, the account of time is only available for withdrawal, my Friends.
I now KNOW that my time is limited, so I do not want to waste a moment. 
However, I am uncertain what it is that I should be doing with my precious time. 
The other day, I completely and spontaneously unplugged from the phone, the email, my business, chores, bills and work. I made the conscious and deliberate choice to go to a new place and simply see what grace ushered in for me. 
The oddest thing happened.
I had some fleeting moments of giddy freedom. I met a few new friends. I had fun.
This way of spending time is so beneficial to the spirit. 
How sad that most of us (that would be me) have to schedule it.
 I accomplished more in that day than I did in a recent week's labor. 
For a brief moment, I actually understood the concept of BE-ING.
So, I am still learning. 
Learning and wondering if I have lived my life in a backward fashion.
All of these years I was focused on DO-ING instead of BE-ING
It is no wonder that after a lifetime of running, it feels as though I have been standing still for a few years. 
I am not used to BE-ING!
May we all be graced with the gift of another birthday - another opportunity to learn - another day to BE.

Fire Image Courtesy of Chandra Eswaran
Love. Peace. Gratitude.