Tuesday, May 8, 2012

France and Courage

Just back from France, I am writing a quick post, of which I will go into detail at a later time. 
As always, my stay in France was inspiring (I swear that I have lived there in a past life or two). 
One of the highlights of my trip was to light a candle before mass and taking communion in Notre Dame. 
The candle was lit before St. Joan of Arc's beautiful statue and dedicated altar residing in Notre Dame. She is one of the patron saints of France and a role model for us all.

Jean de Arc's story is one of conviction, courage and action. 
A mere child, she led more than one successful battle in the name of her beloved country before she was burned at the stake by the British. She died at the tender age of 19.
From Napoleon to Charles de Gaulle, St. Joan was highly revered and upheld as a hero of her beloved country.
Let us all seek and be given courage by grace during difficult times.

In Love, Truth and Beauty.

Photo courtesy of Chandra Eswaran