Thursday, January 20, 2011

Feeling Just Like This ....

300 M.P.H. Torrential Outpour Blues 
The White Stripes

I'm bringing back ghosts
That are no longer there
I'm gettin' hard on myself
Sittin' in my easy chair
Well, there's three people in the mirror
And I'm wonderin' which one of them I should choose
Well, I can't keep from laughin'
Spittin' out these 300 mile per hour outpour blues

I'm breakin' my teeth off
Tryin' to bite my lip
There's all kinds of red-headed women
That I ain't supposed to kiss
And it's that color that never fails
To turn me blue
So I just swallow it and hold on to it
And use it to scare the hell out of you

I have a woman
'Says come and watch me bleed
And I'm wonderin' just how I can do that
And still give her everything that she needs
Well, there's three people in my head that have the answer
And one of them's got to be you
But you're holding tight to it -- the answer
Singin' these three hundred mile per hour outpour blues

Put on gloves, a tied scarf and wrap up warm
On this winter night
Every time you get defensive
You're just looking for a fight
It's safe to sing somebody out there's got a problem
With almost anything you'll do
Well, next time they stab you don't fight back just play the victim
Instead of playin' the fool
And the roads are covered with a million
Little molecules
Of cigarette ashes and the school floors are covered
With pieces of pencil eraser too
Well sooner or later the ground's gonna be holdin' all
Of my ashes too
But I can't help but wonder if after I'm gone will I still have these three hundred mile per
hour, finger breaking, no answers makin', battered dirty hands, bee stung and busted up, empty
cup torrential outpour blues

One thing's for sure: in that graveyard
I'm gonna have the shiniest pair of shoes

Any one else ever feel like this?

In Love, Truth and Beauty ....

Monday, January 17, 2011

Reflecting on Then and Now

MLK and Malcolm X ca 1964
Pondering what each of these brilliant visionaries would have to say on current times.
Both of these inspiring leaders knew how to move FORWARD.
Have we kept up? 

Image Courtesy of Wikipedia
In Love, Truth and Beauty......

A Change Is Gonna Come

Martin Luther King, Jr. on Love and Hate

"I have decided to stick with love. Hate is too great a burden to bear." 
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
Photo by Howard Sochurek for LIFE Magazine
 In Love, Truth and Beauty.....

Friday, January 7, 2011

Winged Creatures, Past and Present Lives

I love all creatures, but retain a special and specific fondness for beings with wings.
I suppose that my affection for those beings with wings is as telling of my own nature as anything else in my life.
Several times, I have been amused (and a bit taken aback) when others have revealed my totem or soul representative as "Raven".
Here is an excerpt of one such revelation that I found to be quite true:
"This is a very interesting path for a being. The most important thing to remember about a person's life when they are under the Raven's wing is that you have been here before, you know all about this stuff and what you do not know you are about to find out. There is really nothing too surprising or amazing to a Raven person. New things? Sure, but as they have been witness to so many massive shifts over the myriad of lifetimes required to lead a Raven life, there are no real surprises. The danger for a Raven soul is landing in an area where there are no other Ravens and no real competition. A Raven needs powerful reflection and only another Raven can do that for them. Only another Raven is capable of understanding a Raven. An old soul does not protect a person from falling into a too comfortable trap and growing lazy. Laziness is deadly for a Raven. A Raven needs the power of their wings to carry their great bodies high above the world to gain perspective needed to fulfill their ultimate earth destiny. Each Raven has a particular mission to complete their earth cycle. Find out what it is, Raven. You may be comfortable and unshaken, but are you alert and fulfilling your vision?"
I am wondering about the Biblical comfort that the creator knows the exact moment each sparrow falls.
I find the recent news of birds falling from the sky and dead fish washing ashore particularly distressing. Am I the only Raven paying attention?

We must learn that we are the caretakers of this planet. I fear our time may soon be up. When birds fall from the sky and fish die in massive amounts, should we not pay attention to how we are treating the elements and creatures that support our own lives?
Where are my Ravens?
In Love, Truth and Beauty......
Dedicated to Birkan Tore