Sunday, April 11, 2010

Clutter, Vision and Monkey Mind

Every so often, I actually open my eyes and see all the material goods that accumulate in my living quarters.
I should not see such frightening sights unless I am prepared to act. The old 'fight or flight' adrenaline surge is purposeful, and not to be abused or misused.
How many of us are blessed with vision, but do not see? (similar to listening, but not hearing - that is a profound topic for another day...akin to memory, which I explored in an early post)
My inability to clearly see was emphasized in an early drawing class.  I was given the task to complete several "Pure Contour" drawings.

Here is the exercise:
Put your pencil or drawing instrument on a very large piece of paper. Focus your vision on your subject matter. Draw the outer contour of your subject while keeping your vision solely on it - no looking down at your paper! Do not allow your drawing instrument to entertain a broken line....keep it fluid and moving, no lifting the instrument from the paper.

Do try this at home.
You will be astonished at the details of a common object that may be looked at each and every day but never really seen!
The mind is very clever. Oh, yes..very, very clever.

My "monkey mind" is forever editing, deleting and emphasizing information. My mind makes things up for entertainment. My mind allows me to see some things and not others....very clever, indeed!
My mind is smarter than me.
I am quite certain that there has been a study of this phenomenon and the results are due to something like 'the reptilian brain has not evolved ... due to survival...blah blah blah...'
I need to remember to have clear vision and tame my mind's inclination to enjoy marginalized fiction...unless, of course, I am in a creative or escapist mode! Oh - and I need courage. Lots of it.
In Truth and Beauty....
Image Courtesy of Wikipedia:
Monkeys In a Plum Tree by Mori Sosen

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