Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Joan of Arc

I have recently been posting about perception and self-love. Coincidentally (or not), I just came across this incredible and timely message from St. Joan of Arc, as channeled by Alysia Markoe Johnson....

"I am not a great woman because everyone says I am. I am a great woman because I believed in myself and saw myself in that light!" 

Jeanne d'Arc  

There is a tremendously powerful lesson in that statement. I needed to let it settle in my mind. In fact, I believe it is still settling.
Once again, the issue addressed is how one's perception becomes one's reality.

It is difficult to imagine Joan of Arc not being self-confident. It would have changed the destiny of many, many people and the course of at least one country.Thank you, Alysia and St. Joan

Below is an alleged copy of Joan's signature (courtesy of Wikipedia) from one of the few remaining documents the she supposedly dictated during her brief life on earth. If this signatory is authentic, Joan certainly had a distinctive, unique and strong penmanship. There is a bold quality to the line quality, suggesting a grounded sense of self worth - a creative flair is evidenced in the first letter "J".  Simultaneously dynamic and static, this signature has captivated me!


To read more about Alysia's practice just click on the link below.


In Love, Truth and Beauty....

With Special Thanks to Alysia Markoe Johnson and St. Joan of Arc


  1. What a beautiful post! Did you know that Joan was a lefty??? I'm a lefty too, so it made me happy to hear it! :~D I love her signature too. Thank you for sharing this!

  2. Some day my spiritual Master told me about that extraordinary Woman-Goddess. He teach me about her didn't die at the fire that day. In fact she disintegrated her body and re-integrated it again far away from her enemies. After today she's alive with the same physical body living in a Convent in Europe!