Monday, October 28, 2013

Lou Reed - A Small Tribute for a Giant

I heard the news about the passing of Lou Reed on NPR at approximately 8:30 a.m., EST, today.
I was literally stunned. 
Then, I cried.
Lou Reed was a hugely influential musician/poet/artist/journalist/conscience and I have no words here that can begin to describe Lou's formidable work over the years.
I have no words that can express the enormity of this loss.
I have no words to console his widow, the artist/musician Laurie Anderson.
I can only say that, like many of my kind, both of these talents held considerable stature for art students in the day, as well as this day. They were our mentors/heroes/heroines/entertainment/peers. Laurie Anderson was featured in a book that I read in early years which really inspired me to earn my M.F.A. ( a rarity for women in those days).
Both Lou and Laurie worked and evolved, formed and forged lives from their unique creations.
I had the great good fortune to see both Lou and Laurie as solo performers - different decades.
What a gift. Right Place - Right Time.
Here is what I really think about Lou Reed.
I believe that Lou Reed told the TRUTH
Telling the truth in this world is dangerous and often ugly. 
It must have been extremely difficult for this obviously sensitive man to chronicle all of his truthful observations.
He never compromised.
Lou Reed was a tremendous example of an artist who kept evolving and observing and working.
Someone wrote that Lou had become "the conscience of New York", the city with whom he had the 'longest relationship of his life'.
This is a dark day for those who pursue truth.
'Fly away' on the wings of Angels, Lou. 
The "Dirty Boulevard" will no longer bear your physical footsteps.
Love lives forever.

Lou Reed
March 2, 1942 - October 27, 2013

Lou + Laurie = Love
Lou Reed and Laurie Anderson
Lou Reed
Images courtesy of Facebook
Lou Reed Fan Page

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