Wednesday, October 6, 2010

So... is there a "Plan"?

Most of my adult life has been weighted in anxiety. I am a worrier....need I say more?
In retrospect, my childhood was gloriously filled with wonder, magic, make believe, the ability to see angels, spirits and a profound understanding of the reality of fairy tales. I had an unshakable sense of security which resulted in loads of self confidence and an odd reservation around other humans.
These days, I hear and read the phrase "All is as it should be", which gives me pause. 
Many times, it is only in looking back that I understand the aforementioned phrase.
Tonight, as is my custom, I routinely went outside to look after the dogs. 
The weather was cool and pleasant. 
The air was still.
I looked up and saw a crystal-clear sky with a few bright stars.
For a brief moment, I was transported back to the days of my childhood. I wondered why the stars were not falling from their celestial spots, or why I was able to stand upright on this constantly spinning rock called earth.
In that instant, I fully understood that all is indeed in Divine Order.
....and it was comforting! 
It was as comforting as I felt when my much-beloved parents were alive.
That flash was transformational.....and I have no idea why it happened or what triggered it.
But for a split second, I truly and deeply knew that "All is as it should be".

In Love, Truth and Beauty......

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