Saturday, May 1, 2010

Beltane: a (VERY) brief synopsis

May is the month of full-flowered spring in every sense. 
May is symbolized by Mother Nature, or Female Power at her most potent...or is it the other way around?

No coincidence that the earthy, sensual, sensitive, fixed, feminine astrological sign of Taurus falls here. Take a cue from Taurus - after working hard (read: all winter), have a fabulous meal, a massage, appreciate Venusian beauty, pamper yourself. 
Your body is of the earth. Take special care of it today.
Ground yourself. 
Say a prayer for planet earth, especially The Gulf of Mexico, the earth's elements and all creatures. 
Perform a personal kindness for the earth.
According to the old ways, Beltane (or Bealtaine) was typically celebrated on April 30, or May Eve.
In the time of my childhood, May 1st was the only day dedicated to the Virgin Mary (Hmmm....many wrong things with that practice and statement) in the Roman Catholic Church. 
Even as a young girl, I rebelled against the politics of patriarchy. I always made a shrine to Mary, almost like a beautiful bird house, presented in a corner of my room. One small step for woman kind.
In my earlier post on the Merry Month of May, I wrote about the May Queen. Often considered promiscuous, she is a young, juicy maiden, bursting with spring itself.
Curious that 'May Day, May Day' is the phrase we associate with destruction. From the view of the Wise Ones, May Day is the actual opposite of destruction.
May Day (or Beltane or Bealtaine) is the peak of life itself. 
In place of the ancient, glorious May Day, we invented Mother's Day (that Puritan ethic again, methinks).
Celebrate and revel in Life! Get down and dirty in the garden or plant some herbs. Take a long bath (ever mindful of the HUGE gift of water). Listen to beautiful music. Acknowledge every single one of your senses.
Dance around a May Pole!! (THAT would be a statement)
Beltane represents what we have waited a long, hard winter to experience.
Express love for yourself and gratitude for Mother Nature....have some fun and frolic!
With so much Love, Truth, Beauty and Pleasure.......

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