Friday, April 9, 2010

Creative Thinking

After two trips to the tax preparer, the deed is done. 
The tax preparer and I agree that it is now time for a serious libation.
At times, this blog should be titled "Critical Alcoholism".  Just kidding. A little self-deprecating humor.
Do you remember "Barfly" with Mickey Rourke and Faye Dunaway?  The 1987 film was loosely based on the life of Charles Bukowski.  I think the line 'It takes a lot of stamina to be a drunk' or an alcoholic, as the case may be) is spoken by Mickey Rourke.
I do not have that kind of stamina.

Back to the creative thinking....
Here is a tip that was passed on to me many years ago by my meditation teacher: when you open the mail box, and there are bills to pay, instead of cursing the payments, bless them.
Now - I need to constantly remind myself of this! As I pay my bills, I think 'I am so grateful to have this bill (which means I have living quarters), money to pay it and the ability to write the check'.
This is a good reminder of right mindedness and gratitude.
And about that "Room Full of Mirrors"....the only time that is appropriate is in a yoga class.

In Love, Truth, Beauty and Gratitude....
Images Courtesy of Wikipedia and The Chopra Center

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