Thursday, February 18, 2010

A Teeny Rant and A Belated Valentine Post

Just to set the record straight, Valentine's Day is NOT a Hallmark creation!!!!!! This said, we all know that Hallmark has capitalized on this special day, but stop, People! 

Valentine's Day was named after several martyr saints named Valentine and properly established by Pope Gelasius I in AD 496!

The day became associated with romantic love and matters of the heart during The High Middle Ages and was typically associated with Chaucer.  Romantic and courtly love was a new concept during  "The

Handmade cards, notes and expression of fond feelings were typically demonstrated with handmade greetings. These handmade goodies evolved into produced cards  around the Industrial Revolution.

Victorian Valentine

I just received this lovely piece below  from Bill Stewart, violinist extraordinaire! It is sad, heartbreaking, sweet and exquisitely lovely - all at the same time. Give it a listen!

I heard the cutting edge valentine socks below were quite "haute couture" on the streets of NYC this season.

Bravo!! Thank you to Bill Stewart and Jerry Wade for these terrific contributions.

Of course, we should express our love to self and intimates as frequently as possible without the prompting of a dedicated day. But, Valentine's Day is, historically, the day to make things right with our current loved ones, entice a new love, make our feelings known

Naysayers - quit blaming Hallmark for being artificial and start getting real yourselves! There is no time like this day to tell those near, far and dear to you that you love them.  Practice ENLIGHTENMENT....and "Remain In Light".

In Love, Peace and Beauty...

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