Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Candlemas ... 'I found a picture of you'

For those of us who know, honor or otherwise acknowledge the "Old Ways", February 2 is considered a major Sabbat for the initiation of neophytes. Candlemas celebrates the waxing light. This Sabbat marks the high point between Winter Solstice and Vernal Equinox. The wonderful parallel here is that the waxing light represents the corresponding waxing light of the soul.

"Taste the sweetness of Isis;  may her blessings guide you always"

Keep the knowledge of the old ways kindled, for they make more sense than the new. Here is something old that many of us seem to forget these days: There is no wisdom greater than kindness.
May you and the Groundhog have a happy and blessed Candlemas! 
Today can be a new beginning. We begin again by fearlessly and honestly reviewing our past. Ask any art historian...

As I write, I am listening to The Pretenders "Learning To Crawl".  
I find that the tracks "Back on the Chain Gang" and "Middle of the Road" have significant power for me. The opening line of "Back on the Chain Gang" is "I found a picture of you". Got me, Chrissie. 

I am so sentimental that I keep every card, note, photograph and personal message.  This surprises many people who know me. I treasure my memories. Once in awhile, I drag them out (a considerable feat) and spend some time with them. This ritual can bring laughter and tears, but always serves to keep my connection with the old ways, as it were.
This Candlemas, I found a picture of you....

In Love, Light and Peace.....

This post is dedicated in loving memory to James G. Robinson, 1953-1992

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