Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Golden Rain Trees and The Wabash River

New Harmony has an abundance of lovely Golden Rain Trees and, in fact, is quite celebrated for the plantings. The tree is a deciduous type, with clusters of golden "weeping" flower bunches. When the flowers are yellow, they drape and fall in such a downward way as to appear rain-like. Or, at least I think so.

You can find more information about the tree here  -

Over the years, I have attempted, in my own fashion, to downsize my belongings. In my opinion,  material goods accumulate over time and have a way of owning me, rather than the other way around.

This point was painfully apparent about two years ago when I sold my house of 25 years and moved to the 'United State of Texas'. 

Wow! I had way too much stuff! So - donation, recycling or destruction became a daily occupation for a period of time.

One possession that I have never parted with is a beautiful and quite precious, handcrafted box. This gorgeous piece was given to me by my long time friends, Jerry and Jonathan, oh  so many years ago that I cannot recall the occasion.

The box is very special and close to my heart.

It was handmade by  New Harmony Gentleman Postmaster during my years there - of the wood of a New Harmony Golden Rain Tree.


When you open the box....


...inside, there is a tiny Wabash River pearl...

This treasure is never far from me, just like my friends who so thoughtfully chose it, the special man who made it, or the Utopia  of its origin.

In Love, Peace and Beauty.........

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