Friday, March 5, 2010

A Fine Kettle of Fish...

When I decided to pursue my MFA in metalsmithing, I was greeted by a department full of many fish.

Fish of the Pisces ilk, that is...even the professors, Heikki and John B. were Pisces.

Odd to think of a dreamy Pisces firing up torches and beating on metal. It would seem that a more delicate pastime would be better suited to the sensitive fish.

We had an annual Pisces birthday party ... lots of fun and many celebrations.

And much hard work and long, seemingly endless hours toiling in the metal shop.

Those years, as well as the subsequent years, were the happiest times of my life (so far).

For the first time, I felt part of something ... not an isolated oddball. I was part of a "school of fish" (pun intended).

On a serious note, those days were filled with a spirit of unity. Family. Like-minded peers.

I recall individual competitive drives, but never cause for a division of our peers. If one person did well, we all did well. We helped each other. We were genuinely celebratory of our classmate's success. Or, so it seemed to me.

I miss those days.

Times have changed.

I believe that the current world is not kind, let alone 'like-minded'. When (and why) did people become so alienated from each other? One only has to observe the international political arena to know that divisiveness weakens countries. Have we lost sight of the fact that such division ultimately destroys our humanity?

People seem to exist in a vacuum.

What happens in Haiti or Chile or Taiwan or Montana or the Arctic has an effect on ALL of us.


My New Year's wish has been the same for many years now - peace, love and understanding.

When one of us daringly demonstrates these much maligned attributes, the current world mistakes wisdom and strength for weakness.

Much like the world devalues - actually hates - the best characteristics of the Pisces native....sensitivity, emotion and kindness.


Today, March 5, is my former grad school roommate's birthday.

Below is an example of two of her newer pieces.


And, here is!


This woman is amazing! 

Daughter, sister, friend, artist, cook, wife, mother, teacher, student, world class traveler....and she juggles all these hats with a finesse that belies her many, many skills. 

Oh - did I tell you that she is also exceedingly modest, humble, kind, generous, decidedly unpretentious and an all around good person (they are in short supply these days)?

Lynn - you have my eternal admiration, appreciation and respect (and that is saying something...I am a perfectionist). I have no idea how you do it all, but I am so very glad that you are in the world.


In Truth, Love and Beauty...

Lynn A. Duggan's Photos Reprinted with Kind Permission

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