Monday, January 11, 2010

Paint It Black

I listened to Counting Crows "August and Everything Else" late this afternoon.
Big mistake!
Has anyone else noticed that Adam D. is clinically depressed? Sheesh! Pass the Zoloft! Oops....forgot - cannot drink with zoloft.
I have long held an impossible and politically incorrect theory that depression is a contagious - wait a minute - think about it........
Thank you.
What do you think?
Why are so many "anti" depressants being prescribed and consumed? Clinical depression is one thing......wanting "a little oblivion, Baby" is quite another.
Just to mix it up, I like oblivion - I also like feeling every little thing.
If I would confide those thoughts to a medical professional........they would label me bi-polar or something equally CRAZY.

Above is an image of a VERY LARGE and VERY OLD painting of mine....hell, I did not even know the meaning of the word, "depressed" at the time of this creation. I was so cool that "electrical tape" was mentioned as a legitimate media for this painting!
I do remember a college friend remarking that he was amazed at my "continual happiness".
How the years have changed fact, I now value very simple things as "happiness" - the sun shining, a bill that I can pay, a day without pain.
I now do indeed know the meaning of the word "depressed"...hope you are happy, Greg U!!!! Or was it Gregg?
Enough about me!
Please - someone arrange an intervention for Adam D!!!! I thought he lived in California and dated hot starlets.
For chrissakes......he is a Leo! If we cannot count on a Leo to have a sunny disposition, I suppose that we all need the chemicals.
Where did his sunshine go?
In Love, Light and Beauty...........

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  1. I have to have lots of sun. It doesn't have to be hot, but I need the sun. I guess, being Chandra, that makes sense that I need the sun. Otherwise, I really get in funk!

    Be happy and beat the funk!