Wednesday, January 27, 2010

MacArthur Park

I am sure that some of you will recognize the song title, "MacArthur Park", originally written by Jimmy Webb and infamously recorded by Richard Harris in 1968.
I have heard some people remark that this composition is "genius".
Frankly, I did not get it then - I do not get it now - and I seriously doubt that I will get it in the future.
To me, the music and the lyrics are overwrought and annoying.
"Someone left the cake out in the rain..." Any one familiar with this piece will have instantaneous recall upon hearing a mere snippet of the lyrics.
I am of the opinion (and I realize that I am the minority voice here) that popular ("pop") music should not be overblown, fraught with angst and/or operatic. I believe that pop music should be entertaining, uplifting, inspiring, whimsical. After all, music has a direct impact on one's feelings and  outlook.
There is enough tragic drama in life, thank you very much.
Consider the words of Tom Petty: "Let Me Up - I've Had Enough".... my sentiments, exactly.  More accurately, my version would be "Lift Me Up - I've Had Enough".

Above is an acrylic and graphite painting of mine that depicts a vision of the way I wish the world to be skies, drifting clouds and a floating window through which anything is possible.
In Peace, Love and Understanding......

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