Sunday, December 27, 2009

End of the year

It is a cold, lazy, yet sunny Sunday afternoon.
Perhaps my lethargy is due to the fact that I ate and drank too much over the Christmas holiday. Or, more sinister and truthful is the real reason for my blatant laziness -  snow is in the weather forecast again.
I know, I know - many people have been hit with more difficult weather than my recently adopted homestead.  I should be silent like the night.
There was a time that I loved winter - snow, warts and all.  My favorable attitude has significantly waned this year.
I have held an obviously misguided notion that when most of the summer is spent near or in triple digit temperatures that the subsequent winter should be mild.
My belief has been proven wrong! 
Why did the Bush Administration categorically deny global warming?
I suppose that I could take some tiny amount of satisfaction in the fact that "W" resides not too far from my household and now he knows that global warming is real.
No satisfaction to be had in that presumption.
Meanwhile, I will have to warm myself by the fireplace (pictured below).
Thank Goddess for heat!

May you all be warmed by the fire within........

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