Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Velvet Underground, Jeanne-Claude, Dylan and astrological musings

I was reading about artist, Jeanne-Claude's death today in Lemonwade. Jeanne-Claude was married to the famed artist, Christo. The blurb about Jeanne-Claude's death was brief, but the issue of Lemonwade was packed with interesting topics.
Here is the link -
There is an article about a Velvet Underground reunion, accompanied by a photograph of the band in much earlier days. Lou Reed, to my eyes, has never appeared visually young - quite odd when I think about it. In this particular photo, Lou does have a certain youthful freshness, but I would not say that he looks young.
Upon further contemplation, I realize that I do not think that a camera has ever caught Lou's smile. Perhaps this is the reason that he has never appeared to be youthful?
According to Pisces Lou, many parts of his life have been horrific and sad. I hope that Lori Anderson (a Gemini) can cheer that old soul up.
Another article points to Bob Dylan (another Gemini) releasing a Christmas album. Some people have stated that it is frightening. Ha! I would like to hear it. I need to hear it!
That Dylan boy (for every Gemini is in a constant state of youth - observe Sir Paul) certainly is a brilliant wordsmith. I read a rare Dylan interview some years ago wherein he disclosed that he could not write songs like "My Back Pages" anymore. Apparently, Dylan's muse - who worked 24/7, seemingly suffering from obsessive-compulsive disorder back in the d-d-day - is worn out. A relationship with a Gemini can be exhausting...
I believe the exact stanza that Dylan referred to during his 'Man, I could not do this now if I wanted to' interview was this:

Crimson flames tied through my ears
Rollin' high and mighty traps
Pounced with fire on flaming roads
Using ideas as my maps

"My Back Pages", Bob Dylan

Genius! All of the old Dylan songs are stellar gems.
Makes me wonder if Dylan and Jackson Pollock have more in common than we know...
While I am on the Dylan theme, I will relay that I finally watched the film, "I'm Not There". I wish that I had not known that Cate Blanchett was playing the "post-acoustic" Dylan. I simply could not suspend my knowledge of Cate's role-playing...what did I miss?
I know a bit about Bob Dylan's history and discography so I could follow the film - sorta, kinda - well - it was almost as though I was not there.....
Maybe that was the point.


  1. Cate was genius! I knew it was her and I enjoyed every second of that legendary performance and I'm a HUGE Dylan-obsessed fan! Loved the allegory, the enigmatic shape-shifting approach to the story, I felt it to be much more honest to the true Robert Allen Zimmerman. Brilliant movie, one of my favorites of all time!

  2. Jared,
    Cate is one of the few truly great actors. I thought she did a terrific turn as Dylan. I agree with you that about the "enigmatic shape-shifting" in the film ... I also like the portrayals of the different 'sides' of Dylan. Found that very true and perceptive.
    I would like to have experienced the film not knowing that Cate was playing the particularly "iconic" Dylan.
    I wonder what people think of the film who have little knowledge of Dylan?
    Thanks for your comment here.