Saturday, September 10, 2011

Song for my Father

Today would be my Father's birthday.
I miss him. 
My Father passed from, as my Irish family calls it, "this veil of tears", in April of 1992. 
One rainy night in NYC, I was riding in the passenger seat of my cousin Larry's taxi and I heard what I thought was the opening of a Steely Dan (my pop culture mind) tune, "Ricky, Don't Lose That Number". My favorite cousin, parking the cab (NY style) in front of a Chinatown restaurant, informed me that it was a jazz standard.
I loved it then. 
I love it now.
I have worn out many, many copies of this fabulous piece.
So, in honor of my paternal ancestral lineage and as a small tribute to my Beloved Dad, here is Horace Silver's "Song for my Father"

Dad, the world is the better for you being in it, but not the same for your youngest since you left it.
I love you always.

Video Courtesy of YouTube