Thursday, March 31, 2011

Ponderings on Jimi Hendrix and a Theory of Relativity

A friend reminded me today that tomorrow is April 1! April 1, 2011! 
Are you kidding me? How did THAT happen?
The Theory of Relativity was always easy for me to grasp, but the perception of time itself eludes me. Lately, time has been whizzing by - or so it seems. What a strange phenomenon. In this life: one day you are a youth, full of hope, anxious to turn another year older. Very shortly it seems that you have grown old, and with your years have come a relative diminution. 
"Regrets? I've had a few"....
Speaking of relativity, as a person gains experience and wisdom with those years, it would make sense that society would respect age and all the things that come with it. 
Instead, like all the electronic gadgets we rely on now, it appears that "planned obsolescence" is the lay of the land. 
Obsolescence = SO LESS SENSE.
It seems that I was happier in my youth. Ignorance can most assuredly be an odd bliss, Folks.
I was self-absorbed and extremely focused on what I wanted to achieve in life. 
As long as I thought only of myself, it seems that I was happy! 
What does this tell me? 
I do not have a clue. 
Should I be a hermit? 
Live in isolation? 
Pet my cats and take a vow of silence?
In youth, I was living in my own personal "Room Full of Mirrors". Thank you, Jimi Hendrix.  
"All I could see was me."

I now look at a world that I no longer recognize. 
How self-centered and immature can adults be? Most of the people I observe do indeed live in that "Room Full of Mirrors".  Humanity needs to remember that WE ARE ONE. Derision and division is the enemy.
How long must these wars continue? 
How long must people and, indeed, all creatures, suffer? 
And, perhaps most importantly, WHY?
Apologies for the maudlin sound of this post, Gentle Reader, but I still seek and absorb much information. 
The problem is that I no longer see the point to most of it.
As The Divine Prince instructs, God does not disappoint, Man does.
What happened to "All You Need Is Love"?
In Love, Truth and Beauty...


  1. To be quite honest, I don't know the Theory of Relativity. But, I believe in pulling oneself out of doom & gloom by the bootstrap.

    Sometimes, all it takes is movement/change-of-scene and doing something that resonates with you, like listening to Hendrix or whoever cheers you up.

    Just my 2 cents!

    Love & Peace,

  2. Understood, Chandra.
    I know what to do for myself, but what about the majority of people who do indeed live in that "Room Full of Mirrors"?
    "I'd love to change the world, but I don't know what to do" (Ten Years After).
    Thank you for the read and the comment.

  3. ...oh - and it is "A Theory of Relativity"! - not "The Theory"!
    You may be too scientific to understand these theories!
    Thanks again... xox